New Group Established at Colorado State University to Help Women Students Transition to the Business World

Women in Business AssociationThe College of Business at Colorado State University has established the Women in Business Association (WIBA) to help women business students prepare themselves to compete in the marketplace once they leave school. To this end, the association has scheduled dozens of events that will take place over the school year to connect students with business leaders in the community who can share their experiences and insight through lectures and networking. These events will include seminars, discussions, field trips, workshops, and presentations.

“The Women in Business Association is an important initiative because we are supporting and empowering the next generation of female business leaders,” said Alexis Applegate, president of the Women in Business Association at Colorado State University. “We have a great deal to offer to businesses, and when we work together we can accomplish incredible things. We are focusing on developing ourselves as professionals and showing businesses all that we have to offer.”

schellSusan Schell, director of the Career Management Center of the College of Business, is the advisor to the Women in Business Association and emphasizes that there are many opportunities for business leaders and alumni to get involved with and help the new group. She is looking for women business leaders to act as mentors to students, panel participants, networking consultants, advisory board members, and to help with fundraising.

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