Cornell University Looks to Close the Faculty Gender Gap

Cornell UniversityCornell University in Ithaca, New York, has announced a new effort to increase the diversity of its faculty. Under the new program, the office of the provost will contribute funds to cover 25 percent of the salary of a new hire that contributes to the department’s diversity by gender, race, or ethnicity.

In addition, a new initiative will expand the provost’s current support for dual-career couples which will serve to increase the hiring of women faculty. Under the new policy, the provost will shoulder most of the partner’s salary for five years. When one college hires a candidate, and another college hires that candidate’s partner, the provost will pay 75 percent of the partner’s salary for five years. The candidate’s college will pay the other 25 percent. The provost will also pay up to 25 percent of the partner’s startup costs, such as lab equipment and research materials.

And a new protocol expedites dual-career hires. Whereas a decision to hire a partner used to take months, now deans are required to move on proposals within a few weeks.

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