Maven Campus Offers College Women a Low-Cost, Online Healthcare Service

mavenMaven is a new digital platform that serves as an online medical clinic for women. Women can log onto the site and view profiles of various practitioners in women’s health including physicians, nurse practitioners, doulas, nutritionists, psychologists, physical therapists, and lactation consultants. They can then select a practitioner and book a time for a video appointment. Licensed healthcare providers can even provide patients with prescriptions through an online link to the patient’s pharmacy. Patients can obtain a 10-minute video appointment with a doctor for $35. A10-minute appointment with a nurse practitioner is only $18.

Now Maven is offering a new service just for women college students. Maven Campus offers women college students unlimited private text messages to and from practitioners for $45 a month or $300 per year. College women who subscribe to this service will also be able to post anonymous questions online and log in to see the answers.

Maven co-founder and CEO Katherine Ryder stated that “when we talked to students, we heard that on-campus health services were inconvenient, students didn’t always have access to the different types of healthcare providers they wanted to see, including mental health providers, and in general they didn’t feel like they had anyone they could trust with their women’s health questions and needs.”

A video about the Maven service may be seen below.

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