University of Wyoming Scholars Seek to Ease Women’s Transition From Prison Back Into Society

University of WyomingFaculty of the Gender and Women’s Studies Program at the University of Wyoming have established the Wyoming Pathways from Prison Project, which has made recommendation on how to ease the transition of women back into general society after completing their prison sentences. Faculty members conducted a wide range of interviews with women inmates and women on probation to determine the challenges they encounter, not only in prison but after their release.

Many participants suggested ways to improve the few educational classes available in the prison and cited the need for more educational opportunities including college courses. Specific comments included a desire for more relevant courses and training, especially about the dynamics involved in intimate partner violence, relationships, and job training. In addition, many participants articulated a need for outreach to the communities where women will live upon release, and the importance of more specific training at the prison to ease their transition into the workforce.

Formerly incarcerated women shared their thoughts on gender discrepancies in post-release housing and work opportunities, financial obligations and lack of reliable transportation, caregiving responsibilities, struggles building or reconnecting with potential social supports and other issues.

The faculty members made a series of recommendations based on their research. These included offering more college education classes in prison, including online courses.

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