University Releases Video It Later Calls “Inappropriate and Sexist”

Simon Fraser University sweater daySimon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada, released a video aimed at reducing energy costs on campus by encouraging the campus community to dress warmly. But almost immediately upon the video’s release a storm of protest erupted on campus.

The video show a fictional woman faculty member turning down her office thermostat and then lets down her hair and puts on a pink sweater while sitting at her desk. A young male student enters her office and compliments her on her form-fitting sweater. The woman faculty member looks down and then starts giggling. She then thanks the young male student who smiles and leaves her office. Text appears on the video that reads “Saving energy is sexy.”

Joanne Curry, vice president for external relations at the university, issued a statement which read in part, “The video is inappropriate, sexist, and not in keeping with our equity commitments. We took steps to remove the video as quickly as possible and have followed up with the group who produced and distributed the video to ensure it will no longer be used.”

The video can be accessed at this link.

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