American Council on Education Aims to Advance Women Leaders in Higher Education

ace_logoThe American Council on Education is urging college and university presidents to sign a pledge to help achieve the goal of having women be half of all college and university presidents by 2030. The “Moving the Needle: Advancing Women Leaders in Higher Education” effort asks current institution presidents to sign a pledge to do all in their power to:

  • Nominate qualified women to the highest positions of leadership in higher education wherever and whenever possible.
  • Provide opportunities for emerging women leaders to gain access to the skills and experiences necessary to advance.
  • Educate others, including boards, on the benefits of a gender-diversified leadership.
  • Empower leadership teams in my own institution to sponsor women leaders.

The American Council on Education got 110 college and university presidents to sign on as inaugural sponsors of the initiative. Since that time, another 93 institution presidents have signed the commitment. A complete list is available here.

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