Oregon State Will Not Admit Transfer Students Who Violated Student Conduct Codes at Their Previous Institution

osu_introOregon State University in Corvallis has adopted a new policy for transfer students to guard against the possibility that incoming students have a history of sexual violence. Under the new policy, all undergraduate and graduate students seeking to transfer to Oregon State are required to disclose if they are ineligible to enroll at a higher educational institution due to violations of that institution’s student conduct codes. The policy applies to any institution the prospective transfer student attended over the past seven years.

Ed Ray, president of Oregon State University, stated that “we are committed to combatting sexual violence in society and to improving safety on the Oregon State University campus. This is an important step to strengthen the university’s admission policies for transfer students related to conduct that is not consistent with creating a safe and inclusive community at Oregon State.”

Steve Clark, vice president for university relations and marketing at Oregon State University, added that, “the bottom line is, that if students seeking to transfer to OSU are ineligible at another institution because of student conduct violations, they automatically will be declined admission to Oregon State.”

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