Purdue University Expands Its Daycare Facilities for Faculty, Staff, and Student Parents

purdue-logoPurdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, has announced a significant expansion in its child care options for faculty, staff members, and student parents. The university recently broke ground for the new Purdue Child Care Center that will have space for 140 children when its opens next August. This will represent a 63 percent increase in available daycare places for children of faculty. staff, and students.

The new 16,400-square-foot daycare center will serve children from six weeks old to 12 years. Of the 140 spaces available, 116 will be reserved for preschool-age children.

A report from the Child Care Task Force issued in October 2013 found an unmet need for daycare facilities. Keith Cherkauer, chair of the task force, stated that “we found that an overwhelming majority of those with children in Purdue child care at that time were satisfied or very satisfied with the level of care, but that additional capacity was needed. It’s gratifying to see that Purdue is moving forward on this facility, which should be a force in the recruitment and retention of quality employees and students.”

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  1. Karen Metson Wallace says:

    This just makes me FURIOUS. They have 40,000 students and goodness knows how many faculty and staff. How is this not just spitting at the Child Care Task Force?

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