University of Virginia Signs Resolution Agreement on Preventing Sexual Violence and Harassment

UVA_logoThe University of Virgina has agreed to a resolution regarding an investigation of the university’s sexual assault policies by the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) of the U.S. Department of Education. According to a statement released by the federal government, the Office for Civil Rights “found UVA to be in violation of Title IX for failing to promptly and equitably respond to certain complaints of sexual violence, including in instances in which the university did not promptly investigate information in cases that involved fraternities. OCR also found a basis for a hostile environment for the affected students and that the university failed to take sufficient steps to eliminate a hostile environment and prevent its recurrence.”

Terry_Sullivan_Portraits_21_DAThe university has agreed to a number of steps to ensure its compliance with Title IX regulations. Teresa A. Sullivan, president of the University of Virginia, issued a statement announcing that the university had signed a resolution agreement with the Department of Education. President Sullivan said that “harassment and violence in any form have no place in our community. Individual cases, which are often extraordinarily complex, can be debilitating and heart-wrenching for everyone involved. In responding to these incidents, we will continue to provide compassionate support and care to survivors while better ensuring that our adjudication process is adequate, timely, and fair. By signing a resolution agreement with OCR, we have agreed to take important steps to continue to improve our efforts in this area. We have already implemented many of the measures identified in the resolution agreement, and we will continue to work to strengthen our efforts. Collectively, we have an obligation to promote and maintain a safe and respectful learning, living, and working environment. Nothing is more important. Recognizing that our academic community can thrive only when our students, faculty, and staff are free from the threat of harassment or harm, we are determined to address these issues directly. The safety of our community requires it, and our principles demand it.”

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