The University of Utah Aims to Boost Educational Opportunities for Women

utahIn Utah only 25.5 percent of women receive bachelor’s degrees, 2 percentage points less than women nationally and 6 percentage points less than men in Utah. In an effort to increase the number of women earning college degrees, in 2014, the University of Utah established he Women’s Enrollment Initiative. This fall the effort is now in full operation on campus. Women at the university now have access to mentoring, sponsorship programs, and internships all aimed at increasing the retention and graduation rates of women students. Lactation rooms have been designated on campus, child care offerings have been expanded, and a family space was established in the library to give parents a space to work on assignments while their children play nearby.

DanielsDebra Daniels, assistant vice president of the Women’s Enrollment Initiative and director of the Women’s Resource Center, stated that “we already knew that women face a unique set of challenges in their journey to achieve an education. Through the focus groups and research we conducted during the past year, we’ve gotten better insight into the specific issues that prevent women from graduating and what resources are needed to help them succeed.”

“We understand the value of having a diverse campus, and women are an important part of that,” Daniels continued. “Everyone is part of this initiative because we all benefit when women have college degrees. Education helps women grow personally and allows them to better care for themselves, their families, be better role models for their children and improve our state, the nation and the world. Our greatest wish is for women to feel supported, connected, safe and heard.”

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