Women Admitted to a Select Group of Colleges and Universities

yesMany of the nation’s highest-rated colleges and universities have recently released data on the makeup of those students accepted for admission into the Class of 2019. Some of these schools have released information on the gender breakdown of accepted students.

  • Harvard University received a record of 37,307 applications this year and sent acceptances to nearly 2,000 students. Women were 48 percent of the student admitted. More men than women applied to Harvard this year.
  • Princeton University excepted fewer than 7 percent of the 27,290 students who applied. Some 48 percent of accepted students are women.
  • Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, admitted 6,234 students from an applicant pool of 41,907. Women make up 53 percent of all students accepted for admission.
  • Pomona College in Claremont, California, admitted 790 students from the 8,091 who applied for admission. This is the most selective class in the college’s history. Women are 53 percent of the students accepted for admission.
  • Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore had a record 24,717 applicants for the Class of 2019. It accepted 2,525 students. Women are 51 percent of all students admitted.
  • Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts, admitted 567 women and 592 men from an applicant pool of 6,883 students. Thus, women are just under 49 percent of all admitted students.

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