The University of Utah Now Offers Part-Time Infant Care for Student Parents

UofU_official_sealThe University of Utah has opened a new infant care facility for students who need part-time childcare services while attending classes or participating in other campus activities. Previously, there were 28 infant child care slots open in various campus childcare programs. All of these positions are for full-time care only.

“Student parents generally need part-time care but have only full-time care options,” said Shauna Lower, director of the university’s Center for Child Care and Family Resources. “The new infant care room is the only program on campus and in the Salt Lake metropolitan area that provides part-time care for infants.”

The center employs five full-time staffers and 28 part-time staffers. Many of the part-time workers are students in the university’s early childhood education program. Fees for part-time infant care are based on the parent’s income level.

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