University of Utah Looks to Boost the Enrollment of Women

utahNationwide, women make up about 57 percent of the total enrollments in higher education. But at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, women are just 45 percent of the 32,000-member undergraduate student body. This year the university accepted 54 percent of all women who applied but only 47 percent of them enrolled.

The university has launched a new initiative in an effort to boost the enrollment of women. The effort will provide information, services, and support for young women in their high school years to women who are currently enrolled on campus.

danielsDebra Daniels, who has served as director of the Women’s Resource Center at the university since 2003, is the director of the new Women’s Enrollment Initiative. She is a graduate of Utah State University and holds a master of social work degree from the University of Utah.

“There are still gaps in women’s lives that have huge consequences on our community,” said Daniels. “Research shows that when women pursue a quality education, their children are more likely to get an education. Graduate degrees that lead to professional careers increase a woman’s opportunities for advancement and higher earning power. All lead to a more prosperous and just community for everyone. It is great that the University of Utah values women’s contributions and has recognized the need to reach out in a focused way to help women succeed.”

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