Christine Plunkett Resigns From Presidency of Burlington College in Vermont

PlunkettChristine Plunkett is no longer the president of Burlington College in Vermont. President Plunkett met with the board of trustees and when she left was confronted by a group of students who were calling for her to resign. The students gathered around President Plunkett’s car and she turned to the crowd and said, “OK. I resign. Happy? Goodbye.”

The college later confirmed that Plunkett had resigned but it was not clear if the resignation had occurred prior to her confrontation with students.

Plunkett had come under criticism after Burlington College was placed on accreditation probation by the New England Association of Colleges and Schools. The school has more than $10 million in debt. Last fall there were only 243 students enrolled at the college and it has been reported that enrollments have declined further this fall.

Plunkett has been president of Burlington College since 2012. Previously, she was vice president of administration and finance at the college. Plunkett is a graduate of the University of Vermont and holds an MBA from Northeastern University in Boston.

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