Bryn Mawr College Adopts Test-Optional Admissions Policy

Bryn_Mawr_sealBryn Mawr College, the highly rated liberal arts educational for women in Pennsylvania, has joined the growing list of leading colleges that have adopted  a test-optional admissions policy. Beginning with the admissions cycle for students entering in the fall of 2015, students applying to Bryn Mawr will not be required to submit scores from either the SAT or ACT college entrance examinations.

Marc Shultz, professor of psychology at Bryn Mawr College, “it was clear that the standardized tests added very little predictive information after accounting for the strength of applicants’ academic work in high school and the admissions staff’s review of the whole application.”

PVPeaches Valdes, director of admissions at Bryn Mawr, added, “we have always conducted a holistic review of a student’s application and that will continue. This new policy will make our pool of applicants even stronger as a wider range of academically talented students will be able to consider Bryn Mawr.”

Standardized tests scores will still be required for international students.

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