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magazineFrom time to time, Women in Academia Report will provide links to online articles that may be of interest to our readers. The links presented direct the reader to articles from many different points of view that deal with issues of women in higher education. The articles selected do not necessarily reflect the views of the editorial board of WIAReport.

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One Place Where the Glass Ceiling Has Cracked Open

Earnings Gap Between Male and Female Faculty Members Highest at These Institutions

We Have a “Boy Problem” Alright, But It’s Not New

Why Victims of Rape in College Don’t Report to the Police

Not Your Mother’s Women’s Studies Course

Every College Has Someone Whose Job It Is to Prevent Rape: Here’s What They Have to Say About the Job

Latinas Need Support to Ensure College Success

Oxford University Went Co-Ed 40 Years Ago: And Look How Far We’ve Come

These Two Laws Protect You From Sexual Assault on Campus: Know Them

Girls in Science: Addressing the Gender Gap

Title IX Creating Opportunities for Women

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