Board Suspends President of Winthrop University and Issues a Notice of Termination

ComstockJayneMarieThe board of trustees of Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina, has suspended Jamie Comstock Williamson as president of the university. The board also issued a notice of termination with cause. President Williamson will have the opportunity to argue her case to the board before a final vote is taken. However, the board voted 12-1 to issue the notice of termination after a six-hour closed-door meeting that was attended by the president.

Three days before the suspension occurred it was revealed that President Williamson’s husband had worked for nine months in the president’s office as a part-time employee. After the report appeared in the press, the Williamsons returned the money earned for the part-time work to the university.

President Williamson had led the university for less than one year. Previously, she was director of the Executive Leadership Group at the American Council on Education. Earlier in her career, Dr. Williamson was vice president for academic affairs at Butler University in Indianapolis.

President Williamson holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Illinois State University. She earned a Ph.D. in communications from the University of Arizona.

Update: The board of trustees unanimously voted to fire President Williamson on June 26.

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