Tufts University Expands Its Policies on Sexual Misconduct

120201_7172_zellmer006.JPGTufts University in Medford, Massachusetts, has expanded its policies on sexual misconduct to include sexual exploitation, voyeurism, inducing intoxification for purposes of having sex, or photographing, filming, or videotaping sexual activity without consent. Jill Zellmer, director of Tufts Office of Equal Opportunity, states, “Tufts had a strong sexual assault policy that had evolved over the years, but broadening the policy to sexual misconduct means we now have five new categories that correspond to what we know is making campuses unsafe. Combined, these comprehensive definitions put us ahead of the curve in terms of where many other colleges and universities are right now.”

Tufts has also increased its efforts to prevent sexual misconduct, including launching a new online course called Haven to increase student awareness of what constitutes sexual assault. Next year the course will be required for all incoming undergraduates. In addition, there have been improvements in ways for members of the Tufts community to report sexual misconduct, including a confidential online tool.

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