Duke University Gets Tougher on Sexual Assault Penalties

duke-university-logoDuke University in Durham, North Carolina, has announced changes in its disciplinary code sanctions for students who are found responsible for sexual assaults. Starting in the fall, any student found to be responsible for a sexual assault will be considered for expulsion from the university. In the past, the first option considered by the disciplinary board was suspension from the university for one or more semesters.

“That doesn’t mean that every case where a student is found responsible for sexual assault will necessarily result in expulsion, but rather that there will be a determination made by the hearing panel as to whether any factors should influence a change from that expectation,” said vice president for student affairs Larry Moneta. “As always, each case is unique and outcomes are specific to the facts and circumstances of that case.”

“In general, I support this change as it makes clear how much of an offense sexual assault is to the community as well as to a victim,” Moneta said.

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