Women’s Giving Circle at Oregon State University Passes a Milestone

OreStateThe Women’s Giving Circle at Oregon State University is a grassroots organization that funds projects of their choosing at the university. Members of the group pledge to give at least $500 each year to the Women’s Giving Circle. University groups apply to the Women’s Giving Circle for funding and members get to pick and choose where their money is allocated.

Since its founding in 2003, the Women’s Giving Circle has supported more than 60 groups on campus with funding of more than $500,000. The group’s membership is now over 100.

Over the years, among the programs funded by the Women’s Giving Circle are:

• A support program for women students over the age of 25.

• A orientation program for women in engineering.

• A meal program for low-income students on campus.

• An educational theater company that stages productions concerning sexual assault awareness.

• A workshop for women undergraduate students considering graduate programs in STEM fields.

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