Five Students at BYU Create Outdoor Activity Lighting Products for Women

FemmeDenA group of women students in industrial design at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, has created a new series of lighting products for outdoors activities that are designed specifically for women. The products include a bracelet that doubles as a table-top light source, an adaptable light bracelet that may be hung on clothing or worn as a headlamp, a thin pocket-size device that glows, and a headlamp that is designed for women with a full head of hair.

The lighting line was designed for outdoor equipment manufacturer Black Diamond. The design group, which includes four juniors and one senior, calls itself the Femme Den.

Professor Bryan Howell, faculty adviser to the group stated, “Black Diamond is testosterone-driven, and it was a challenging opportunity to introduce them to intelligent, meaningful, ‘estrogenized’ products for women. I’m very pleased with their results so far, and so is Black Diamond.”

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