George Washington University Launches Its Global Women’s Institute

George Washington University, in the nation’s capital, officially launched it Global Women’s Institute on November 27. The institute aims to support the rights of women and girls worldwide through research, teaching, and engaged service.

The institute is under the direction of Mary Ellsberg. Prior to joining the faculty at George Washington University, Dr. Ellsberg served as vice president for research and programs at the International Center for Research on Women. Dr. Ellsberg is a graduate of Yale University and holds a Ph.D. in epidemiology from Umea University in Sweden.

“By coming together as researchers, activists, students and community members, we forge a powerful force for ending the discrimination and violence that have plagued women and girls across the globe,” said Dr. Ellsberg. “I am proud to lead this new and exciting institute, which builds onto already established university programs to educate, support and improve the lives of women and girls.”

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