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From time to time, Women in Academia Report will provide links to online articles that may be of interest to our readers. The links presented direct the reader to articles from many different points of view that deal with issues of women in higher education. The articles selected do not necessarily reflect the views of the editorial board of WIAReport.

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Colleges Raise Millions to Curb Violence Against Women by Performing Vagina Monologues

For Title IX, Compliance Still an Issue

Penn Researcher Looks at Infertility’s Impact on Women

College Football and Women’s Athletics 40 Years After Title IX

Why Women’s Colleges?

Peasants’ Revolt: The Time When Women Took Up Arms

Title IX at 40: What It’s Done for Gender Equity and the Road Still Ahead

Distinguished Professor Lynn Healy Brings International Prominence to School of Social Work

Nine Ways Title IX Has Helped Girls and Women in Education

In Uganda, Women’s Education Still Working Toward Improvement

After 40 Years With Title IX, Level Playing Field Is Reality at the University of Wisconsin

STEM Fields and the Gender Gap: Where Are the Women?

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