New Scholarship for Victims of Domestic Violence at the University of Kentucky

The Center for Research on Violence Against Women at the University of Kentucky in conjunction with Verizon Wireless has created the Women’s Empowerment Scholarship. The scholarships will be available to women who are survivors of domestic violence.

The money for the endowed fund was generated by donations of old wireless phones.

Carol E. Jordan, assistant provost and director of the Center for Research on Violence Against Women, states: “For too many women, a by-product of intimate partner violence is a lack of education and financial dependence on battering partners. For these women, their alternatives are to remain trapped in violence or flee with their children into poverty.  UK and this Center will offer women more alternatives; freedom and non-violence through education. Education can be a pathway to a quality life for any woman. But it can be a lifesaving path for battered women.”

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