Student Editor Resigns After April Fool’s Edition of Boston University Student Newspaper

The student newspaper at Boston University published an April Fool’s Day edition that made jokes about rape and sexual assault. The Daily Free Press was renamed for the day to the Disney Free Press. The spoof edition included an article about seven frat dwarves who gang raped a Boston University student who had been victimized by a date-rape drug slipped into her cocktail.

The article began:

“Seven frat dwarves were arrested last night after they allegedly drugged and gangbanged a Boston University student in an Allson Village cabin. The female victim, described as the ‘fairest of them all,’ reported to have been roofied after drinking an appletini at the Beta Rho omega fraternity party , according to Captain Robert Hook of the BU Police Department. The girl with raven black hair and bright red lips, Hook said, woke up wearing no clothes with seven BRO dwarves laying naked in bed with her. She called BUPD immediately and was sent to the Far Far Away hospital in Never Ever land.”

The paper’s editor, a woman, has resigned her position.


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