Seventeen Women Named Marshall Scholars

In 1953 the Marshall Scholarships program was established by an act of the British Parliament. Funded by the British government, the program is a national gesture of thanks to the American people for aid received under the Marshall Plan, the U.S.-financed program that led to the reconstruction of Europe after World War II.

The scholarships provide funds for two years of study at a British university, travel, living expenses, and a book allowance. Applicants must earn a degree at an American college or university with a minimum of a 3.7 grade point average. Up to 40 Marshall scholarships can be given out each year. This year the Marshall Foundation selected 36 winners. Seventeen are women. Four of the women are currently seniors at Princeton University.

(L to R) Wendi Bacon, Christina Chang, Kendyl Crawley-Crawford, Alice Easton, Kyle Edwards, Daphne Ezer, Rebecca Farnum, Katherine French, Madeleine Grade, Kerry McAuliffe, Elizabeth Ogonek, Madalyn Parnas, Leah Rand, Emily Rutherford, Jessica Steinberg, Sophie Veltfort, and Jean Weatherwax

Listed below are the 17 women selected as 2012 Marshall Scholars and their undergraduate institutions.

  • Wendi Bacon, Hobart and William Smith Colleges
  • Christina Chang, Princeton University
  • Kendyl Crawley-Crawford, Hampton University
  • Alice Easton, Princeton University
  • Kyle Edwards, Princeton University
  • Daphne Ezer, Duke University
  • Rebecca Farnum, Michigan State University
  • Katherine French, Boston University
  • Madeleine Grade, Arizona State University
  • Kerry McAuliffe, University of Tulsa
  • Elizabeth Ogonek, Indiana University
  • Madalyn Parnas, Indiana University
  • Leah Rand, University of Chicago
  • Emily Rutherford, Princeton University
  • Jessica Steinberg, Rice University
  • Sophie Veltfort, Yale University
  • Jean Weatherwax, University of South Florida

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