Two Women Undergraduates Are Among the Nation’s Top New Inventors

Inventors Digest magazine has chosen six young scientists as the nation’s top new inventors. Included in the group are two women undergraduate students.

Eden Full is taking two years off from her studies at Princeton University under a Thiel Fellowship to develop her solar energy company, Roseicollis Technologies. She has developed a solar panel rotating system that tracks the sun to optimize energy collection by up to 40 percent. Sophisticated solar panel tracking devices cost as much as $1,000. Full’s trackers costs $10.

Lexi Hamsmith is a first-year student at Northwestern University who plans to major in chemical engineering. She works with dogs who help people with disabilities. She is researching ways to relieve joint pressure on dogs, and to help dogs pull wheelchairs in straight lines. She has also developed a “pooper scooper” that enables disabled people to clean up after their dogs.

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