Recent Books That May Be of Interest to Women Scholars

Women in Academia Report regularly publishes a list of new books that may be of interest to our readers. Here are the latest selections. Click on any of the titles for more information or to purchase through

• A Band of Noble Women: Racial Politics in the Women’s Peace Movement by Melinda Plastas (Syracuse University Press)
Beard Fetish in Early Modern England: Sex, Gender, and Registers of Value by Mark Albert Johnston (Ashgate Publishing)
Duels and Duets: Why Men and Women Talk So Differently by John L. Locke (Cambridge University Press)
Militant Citizenship: Rhetorical Strategies of the National Woman’s Party, 1913-1920 by Belinda A. Stillion Southard (Texas A&M University Press)
Representation and Black Womanhood: The Legacy of Sarah Baartman edited by Natasha Gordon-Chipembere (Palgrave Macmillan)
Sister Citizen: Shame, Stereotypes, and Black Women in America by Melissa V. Harris-Perry (Yale University Press)
Spiritual Mestizaje: Religion, Gender, Race, and Nation in Contemporary Chicana Narrative by Theresa Delgadillo (Duke University Press)
The Inner Life of Women in Medieval Romance Literature: Grief, Guilt, and Hypocrisy edited by Jeff Rider and Jamie Friedman (Palgrave Macmillan)
The Maid’s Daughter: Living Inside and Outside the American Dream by Mary Romero (New York University Press)
The Prodigious Muse: Women’s Writing in Counter-Reformation Italy by Virginia Cox (Johns Hopkins University Press)
The Return of Feminist Liberalism by Ruth Abbey (McGill-Queen’s University Press)
Winning the War for Talent in Emerging Markets: Why Women Are the Solution by Sylvia Ann Hewlett and Ripa Rashid (Harvard Business Press)
Women of Color in Higher Education: Turbulent Past, Promising Future edited by Gaetane Jean-Marie and Brenda Lloyd-Jones (Emerald Books)
Women’s Roles in Latin America and the Caribbean by Kathryn A. Sloan (Greenwood Publishing)

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