Robin Tricoli Is the New President of Hiwassee College

Robin J. Tricoli was named the 22nd president of Hiwassee College in Madisonville, Tennessee. The college, founded in 1849, is associated with the United Methodist Church.

Dr. Tricoli was associate provost for institutional strategic planning at the University of Georgia. She previously held administrative positions at Fresno State University in California and at Northern Kentucky University. She also served on the faculty at the University of Kentucky.

Dr. Tricoli is a graduate of Northern Kentucky University. She earned a master’s degree at the University of Cincinnati and a doctorate at the University of Kentucky.

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  1. Long time friend says:

    Congratulations to both Dr. Robin Tricoli and to Hiwassee College! Dr. Tricoli’s professional preparation and skills will serve her well at Hiwassee College, and a presidency is well deserved by this outstanding academic leader. In turn, Hiwassee College needs exactly the type of leadership, experience and vision that Dr. Tricoli brings to HC. Looks like a win/win situation to all of us. We can all expect great things from Hiwassee College under Dr. Tricoli’s leadership. We all look forward to the transformation of Hiwassee College!

    LYBNS God’s Speed!

    Go Tigers! Go Dr. Tricoli!

  2. Debra Cronin says:

    Congratulations again Robin! This has been terrific news, and how fortunate for Hiwassee College. Your transformational leadership, and outstanding experience will quickly be felt by everyone at the college.

    Best to you!

  3. UGA Bulldog says:

    Dr. Robin Tricoli will be a wonderful asset to Hiwassee College. Her warmth, personality, and energy along with her extensive background in strategic planning, budgeting, service learning, and institutional governance will take the college to new heights. She has worked closely with the presidents at both California State University, Fresno, and at Northern Kentucky University, serving as the Chief of Staff at the latter. Recently, she was responsible for evaluating the status of goals and accomplishments under the University of Georgia’s ten-year strategic plan. Congratulations, Dr. Tricoli and congratulations Hiwassee College!

  4. Beth Jensen says:

    Congratulations, Robin! Your can-do-attitude is exactly what Hiwassee College (and every other college) needs. I look forward to watching the enrollment at Hiwassee grow under your leadership. Best, Beth

  5. Lee says:

    I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Robin Tricoli at a conference. Her graciousness, intelligence, and experience will serve her well as president of Hiwassee College. After she shared her ideas about higher education, many of us were left wondering how Atlanta ever let her get away. Georgia’s loss and Tennessee’s gain! Congratulations, Dr.Tricoli.

  6. Nina Oxborrow says:

    Congratulations Robin! What an asset you will be for Hiwassee College. I am so excited for you…best wishes!

  7. Jan T. says:

    I first met Dr. Robin Tricoli at some higher education meetings and gatherings in Georgia. Her extensive background in strategic planning, governance, community relations, and budgeting only enhance her talents as a dynamic leader. She will do great things for Hiwassee College and Tennessee. Congratulations Dr. Tricoli!

  8. Maria & Stephen Chabak says:

    Congratulations to you! The college is getting a great asset! Best wishes.

  9. jonathan Jamesson says:

    Dr. Robin Tricoli, like her husaband Dr. Anthony Tricoli (president of Georgia Perimeter College in Atlanta, GA) is a true visionary. But unlike most other visionaries, she gets the job done-just like her husband Anthony does!

    Both of the Dr’s Tricoli are out-of-the-box thinkers and that’s what makes them so desirable in higher education today. I know them both, and they are perhaps among the top two or three of our nations’ powerhouse education couples. Georgia and Tennessee have no idea how lucky they are. We are still crying in our soup about their loss from California, and I’d bet that Kentucky is feeling the same.

    Congratulations to Dr. Robin Tricoli and to Hiwassee College.

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