Conservative Women’s Network Is Looking for “A Few Good Men”

The Network for Enlightened Women bills itself as the  “nation’s premier organization for culturally conservative women. Started as a book club at the University of Virginia in 2004, NeW cultivates a community of conservative women and expands intellectual diversity on college campuses.”

The network is currently holding its Gentleman’s Showcase. It invites women members to nominate men who “stand against cultural norms and demonstrate gentlemanly behavior.” The group defines gentlemanly behavior as:

  • A gentleman opens your door for you, without expecting anything in return.
  • A gentleman shovels his neighbor’s car out of the snow.
  • A gentleman helps an older woman carry her groceries.
  • A gentleman comes alongside you as a leader, not to demand submission, but to earn respect by giving love.
  • A gentleman treats you like the lady you are.
  • A gentleman is confident, but not conceited.

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