A Snapshot of the Gender Diversity of the Faculty at Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, one of the nation’s premier research universities, issued has issued an extensive report on the diversity of its faculty. The university stated that “fostering an academic environment with a rich diversity of people, backgrounds, experiences, and thought is central to our mission of education, research, and service, as well as our commitment to freedom of inquiry and expression.”

The university reports that in 2021, there were more than 2,400 women faculty at the university. They made up 46 percent of the more than 5,200 faculty members. In 2015, women were 42 percent of all faculty at Johns Hopkins.

There were 340 women full professors. They made up 28.1 percent of all full professors. There were 360 associate professors, making up 42.1 percent of the faculty at that rank. Women made up 53.3 percent of all assistant professors.

Women made up 71 percent of all faculty in education but only 33 percent of full professors in the field. Women were nearly 90 percent of the nursing faculty. In public health, women were 63 percent of the total faculty but less than 40 percent of the full professors.

Women were 22.8 percent of the faculty in engineering and 12.6 percent of the full professors. In business, women were 30.9 percent of the total faculty and 30.5 percent of the full professors. Women were 44 percent of the total faculty in medicine but just 26.6 percent of the full professors.


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