Duke University Scholar Heading Home to Pakistan to Take a Milestone Appointment

Zainab Samad is an associate professor of medicine at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. She has now been appointed chair of the department of medicine at Aga Khan University in Pakistan. Dr. Samad will be the first woman, the first graduate of the medical school, and the youngest chair in the history of the department of medicine at Aga Khan University.

Dr. Samad from a conservative region of northern Pakistan where schools are segregated by gender, was sent by her parents to Karachi to study at St. Joseph’s Convent School and College. After graduation she enrolled at the medical school at Aga Kahn University.

Dr. Samad came to the United States at the age of 24 to complete her residency in internal medicine and a fellowship in cardiology at Duke University. She joined the faculty at the medical school in 2009.  Her research is focused on the use of cardiovascular imaging to identify patients with risk of heart disease.

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