New Census Data Shows the Gender Earnings Gap in 300 Different Occupations

The U.S. Census Bureau has recently published data on the gender pay gap in 300 specific occupations. Overall, in 2016, median earnings for women were $40,675, compared with $50,741 for men. Women continue to earn less than men in nearly all occupations.

The study found that the gender gap in earnings is more pronounced in fields that predominantly employ men. The largest pay gap is within the finance and sales professions. For example, women financial managers, marketing and sales managers, and personal financial advisors make less than 70 percent of their male peers.

There are exceptions. Women who work as event planners earn 110 percent of their male counterparts. Women dietitians earned significantly more than men dietitians and women agricultural inspectors earn 111.6 percent of their male peers.

Among educational occupations,, women who work as “postsecondary teachers” earn 82.1 percent of their male counterparts. The gender gap for teaching assistant is huge. Women who work as teaching assistants have earnings of only 71.1 percent of male teaching assistants. Women librarians earn 87.4 percent of the earnings of male librarians. For psychologists, women earn 76.3 percent of the earnings of men.

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