Women Accepted for Admission at High-Ranking Colleges and Universities

Recently, the nation’s highest-ranked colleges and universities informed applicants if they had been accepted for admission into the Class of 2022. Some of these institutions have become extremely selective, accepting less than 10 percent of all applicants. Some of the nation’s most selective institutions provided acceptance data broken down by gender.

Pomona College in Claremont, California, accepted only 6.9 percent of the 10,245 students who applied for admission into the Class of 2022. Women make up 52 percent of the admitted students.

Stanford University in California received 47,450 applications for admission this year. Of these 2,040 were offered admission, only 4.3 percent of all students who applied. Women make up 49.2 percent of all accepted students at Stanford.

Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts, offered admission to 1,163 students from a pool of 9,559 applicants. Of the admitted students who responded to a survey on gender, there are 505 who identify as men and 578 who identify as women.

At Princeton University in New Jersey, there were a record 35,370 applicants this year. The university offered admission to 1,941 students, 5.5 percent of the applicant pool. Women make up 50.5 percent of the accepted students.

At Davidson College in North Carolina, 18.7 percent of the 5,700 students who applied for admission were accepted. Women make up 55.6 percent of all accepted students.

Harvard University accepted 1,962 students from a record applicant pool of 42,749 students. Thus, Harvard accepted just 4.6 percent of all applicants. Women make up 50.1 percent of all students offered admission at Harvard.

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