New Smartphone App Gives College Women Tools to Help Prevent Sexual Assault

A new smartphone app has been developed by the Prevention Innovations Research Center at the University of New Hampshire and the New Hampshire attorney general’s office to help women avoid sexual assault and to provide help if do become victims.

The uSafeUS app provides tools for women to use when they want to get out of an uncomfortable situation. A feature called “Angel Drink” appears to be a cocktail recipe but when shown to the bartender asks for his or her assistance in helping the woman get out of a potentially dangerous situation and leave inconspicuously. Women can use the app to program a text message or a voicemail that they can receive that they can use to explain why they have to leave a particular place at a particular time.

The “Expect Me” feature allows women to send messages to friends that they are returning at a particular time and alerting them to find help if she is late.

The app also contains information on local resources for women who are victims of sexual assault. The Prevention Innovations Research Center is willing to tailor the app for a particular campus. Interested colleges and universities may find more information here.

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