The Gender Pay Gap Widens as Women Move Up the Educational Ladder

A new report from the Economic Policy Institute finds that women have made significant progress in educational attainment, yet women’s pay lags men’s at every level of education. According to the report “women with a high school degree are paid around 80 percent of what men are paid and women with a college or advanced degree are paid just 73 percent. Furthermore, women who hold advanced degrees are paid even less than men with bachelor’s degrees.”

The data shows that women with a college degree earn, on average, $26.93 per hour. But men with a college degree earn $37.13 per hour on average. This more than $10 an hour gap translates into women making $21,000 less per year than similarly educated men.

For those with graduate degrees the gender pay gap is even greater. Men with graduate degrees earn nearly $13 more per hour than similarly educated women.

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