Study Looks at Gender Differences in Dormitory Room Cleanliness

A new study by CollegeStats documents gender differences in the cleanliness of dormitory rooms of men and women college students. The bottom line is that both men and women’s college dorms contain large amounts of bacteria.

But men’s dorm rooms were found to have more than 3.5 times as much bacteria as women’s dorm rooms. The dirtiest place in men’s dorm rooms is the sheets on their beds. In fact, men’s sheets had 150,000 greater amounts of bacteria than the bed sheets in women’s dorm rooms. Men also had more bacteria on their desktops and dresser tops.

The levels of bacteria were higher on the bathroom doorknobs, bathroom light switches, bedroom light switches, and refrigerator handles in women’s dorm rooms than was the case in men’s dorm rooms.

The full study, “Bacteria on Campus: Examining Men’s and Women’s Dorm Rooms,” may be viewed here.

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