European Union Creates a New Commission to Advance Gender Equality in Higher Education

eigelogoThe European Institute for Gender Equality, a unit of the European Union, is establishing a commission that will offer advice to universities in Europe about achieving gender balance and equality. Women make up about 20 percent of all high-level academics in member countries of the European Union. And only 10 percent of the rectors of European universities are women.

The new commission will establish a website to offer information on best practices in achieving gender equality. Many universities have already instituted plans and practices aimed at recruiting more women to key posts. Universities also will be able to access experts for advice on how to institute programs to achieve gender balance.

Carlos Moedas, research commissioner for the European Institute for Gender Equality, stated that “gender inequalities are not self-correcting. The solution is not to give it time. Universities and politicians need to make a conscious effort to create the conditions in which women thrive.”

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