University of Tennessee Study Finds Marijuana Use in Men Is Not a Factor in Domestic Violence

potResearch conducted at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville examined the connection between alcohol  and domestic violence and marijuana use and domestic violence. The study found that men under the influence of alcohol are more likely to engage in physical or psychological sexual misconduct with their partners. But the study found that marijuana use among men did not contribute to an increase in domestic violence. In contrast, the results of a second study showed that women under the influence of alcohol or marijuana were more likely to engage in physical and psychological aggressive sexual behavior toward their partners.

Gregory Stuart, a professor of psychology at the University of Tennessee and an author of the studies, stated, “I think it is too early to make definitive conclusions regarding the role of marijuana and intimate partner violence perpetration, as the research in this area is quite young and, to date, studies have provided conflicting evidence regarding its role in increasing the odds for violence. However, we now have numerous studies suggesting alcohol use does increase the odds for violence between partners.”

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