Mount Saint Mary’s College Report Examines the Status of Women in California

msmcMount Saint Mary’s College, an educational institution for women in Los Angeles, enrolls about 3,000 students. The college recently published a study entitled, The Report on the Status of Women and Girls in California.

One of the main focuses of the report is the status of women and girls in education in California. The report gives data on the gender makeup of the state’s schools and documents the gender gap in Advanced Placement course participation in a wide variety of subjects.

The data shows that among Californians over the age of 45, men are more likely than women to hold a college degree. But for those under 45 years of age, women have a significant lead. This edge for women is strongest for those in the 25-to-34 age bracket. The study also found that with the exception of the biological sciences, California women’s participation in STEM degree programs has declined in recent years.

Readers interested in the report may download it in full or by chapters relating to particular subjects at this website.

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