Fort Valley State University to Open a New Women’s Center

Women make up nearly three of every five students at Fort Valley State University, a historically Black educational institution in Georgia. The university has announced plans to open a new women’s center later this year that will offer services and educational programs to provide women with skills to help them succeed in their professional and personal lives. The center will offer workshops on domestic violence, women’s health and wellness, entrepreneurship, and professional development. The center will also offer mentoring programs.

Juone Brown, an associate professor at the university, has been selected as the executive director of the women’s center. According to Brown, the idea for the women’s center arose from her personal experiences with students.

“Over the past few years, I worked with a number of young women who became parents, while in school,” Brown said. “Many young women would come through with stories about the struggle they endured trying to raise their child and finish school. The girls usually had to drop out; while, the boys didn’t have to take a break from their classes.”

“I’ve had mentors since I’ve been here at FVSU,” Brown continued. “Most of them have been male, and have been wonderful. But, there comes a time, when you face a situation that only another female mentor can tell you how to handle.”

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