ACLU Seeks to End Single-Sex Educational Programs in Public Schools

The American Civil Liberties Union has launched a new initiative against single-sex education in public schools across the United States. ACLU has sent cease and desist letters to school districts in Maine, West Virginia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Virginia calling on them to end single-sex education programs. The ACLU states that if single-sex educational programs are not curtailed it will consider filing litigation to force states and local school districts to end these programs.

Mie Lewis, senior staff attorney for the ACLU’s Women’s Rights Project, stated that “supporters of single-sex education make vague claims that these programs get results but don’t have the proof to back it up. Instead of implementing these gimmicky programs, schools should focus on strategies that work for all students.”

Galen Sherwin, a staff attorney adds, “These programs are based on stereotypes that limit opportunities by reinforcing outdated ideas about how boys and girls behave.”

The “Teach Kids, Not Stereotypes” campaign includes a new website.

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