Only One Woman Makes It Into the Ranking of the Top Ten Business School Professors

Bloomberg Businessweek recently surveyed the 2010 graduates of the nation’s highest-ranking business schools and asked them to identify two people who they believed were the best teachers. More than 3,700 responses were received.

The magazine then analyzed the results to find the 10 most popular professors at the nation’s top business schools. Only one woman was included among the 10 best business school professors.

Ranking in eighth position is Sharon Oster, Frederic D. Wolfe Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship and director of the Program on Social Enterprise at the Yale University School of Management. Professor Oster served as dean of the school from 2008 to this past July.

Professor Oster is a graduate of Hofstra University. She holds a Ph.D. in economics from Harvard University. Dr. Oster has been on the Yale faculty since 1974. Her textbook, Modern Competitive Analysis (Oxford University Press), is used in business courses across the United States. First published in 1990, it is now in its third edition.

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